Thank you for stopping by at this site. I used to do quite a bit of stand-up comedy and I've recently finished a book about this experience, written in partnership with Dr. Dale F. Williams, Ph.D., CCC-SLP, Professor of Communication Sciences and Disorders at Florida Atlantic University.Final Cover of my book with Dale Williams

The book is called "Shining a Light on Stuttering – How one man used comedy to turn his impairment into applause"

  • It is the story of my life growing up with a stutter and learning how to be a comedian, including my appearances at the internationally renowned Edinburgh Fringe Festivals, the London comedy circuit, and British television.

  • It is also the story of my quest to excel in these highly competitive settings which was made all the more difficult by my personal battle with having a stutter.

  • By creatively balancing my story with clearly-presented and current information about stuttering, written by Dr. Dale F. Williams, we try and provide readers with academic, diagnostic, therapeutic, and a personal perspectives of this mysterious disorder.BW JPEG      Jaik Campbell2




"The message from Jaik Campbell that stuttering and stand-up can be mutually beneficial is powerful and positive, and an encouragement and inspiration to stutterers and non-stutterers alike."

Michael Palin - Comedian, actor, and writer


“What a beautiful book and inspiring collaboration of autobiographer and clinician.Jaik’s life story and development to successful comedian would inspire anyone, especially those who stutter no matter where they are on their own journey.”

Diane Constantino - Director of the Joseph Germono Fluency Center at Boston University


“Although Campbell’s story is unique, the impact of stuttering on his life is something every person who stutters will recognize. Those who are struggling with stuttering can learn from his personal journey of coming to terms with himself and taking risks with his speech. Campbell’s narrative will give clinicians insight into the experience of people who stutter, while Williams’ chapters provide a solid background of research findings and clinical expertise.”

James A. McClure - Advisory board member, National Stuttering Association

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