Alex Dawson, Leicester Mercury (February 13th 2009, during the Leicester Comedy Festival) "Jaik is a likeable comedian with a wicked set of one-liners." 



 2008 show (Front)2008 show (Back of flyer)

LONDON and EDINBURGH 2008  "The Audacity of Hopelessness" (see flyer above)
Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, 28th January 2008 "A terrific comedian" 
Martin Besserman, Monkey Business Comedy Club, Saturday 17 May 2008 "Scott Capurro, one of Britains most controversial stand ups certainly didn't let punters down tonight as the bitchy gay comic threw a glass of water over an Eastern European woman who had called him a f***ing queer.After an exchange of insults between them the woman retaliated by throwing her glass of beer at Scott. Scott then grabbed the woman's handbag, attempting to throw it out of the window.  The drama, combined with great sets from comics Jaik Campbell, Lee Nelson, and The Two Magicians, led to a number of audience members telling me it was the best comedy night they had ever been to."



 2007 show (Front)2007 show (Back of flyer)










"L-L-Lost for Words: My life with a stutter" (see flyer above)


"Excellent comedian and th-thoroughly nice guy."

Chris Wilson, The Stage, Edinburgh August 2007

"A gifted comedian. Would be great to see him return to the fringe next year "

Bruce Dessau, Evening Standard, February 2007   (Bruce Dessau's top five comedy picks included the openly political Jeremy Hardy, the stuttering Jaik Campbell and Phil Nichol of Naked Racist fame.)

"If I had a stutter, stand-up comedy would be bottom on my list of career choices - but it doesn't seem to have impeded Jaik Campbell. He has been a working gagsmith for a number of years, and while he naturally gets plenty of material by mocking his impediment - his new show is called L-L-Lost For Words - he also has a smart way with a one-liner. It might take a while to come out, but it is usually worth it."

July 2007 (Steve Bennett, www.chortle.co.uk)

"Jaik certainly hits the ground running, with sharp, concise gags. Efficient wordplay, self-deprecating gags."


SUFFOLK 2006  
June 2006 (By Andrea Davidson from BBC Radio Suffolk) "A comedian with a stutter might not sound too promising, but he wrings a lot of comedy out of his predicament - and a particularly nice line about West Side Story." Comedy @ Fire and Ice Bar in Ipswich 


 2005 Show (Front)2005 show back of flyer

EDINBURGH 2005:  “I’ve Stuttered So I’ll F-F-Finish” at CElectric, C venues, (3th - 29th August, 8.20-9.15pm (see flyer above)
Three Weeks, [by HKS] "Check it out, unusual and good fun. Bittersweet pathos and genuine, often brutal honesty. ***" 
one4review.com "A funny man. He can engage with the audience and draw them into his life. A self-deprecating and spontaneous style. *** " 
The List (Glasgow and Edinburgh Events Guide)  "You have to admire the pluck of Jaik Campbell. Comic timing... ...original gags ***" 
www.radionewt.org "We were laughing uncontrollably." 
The Scotsman, (Roger Cox) "You have to admire Jaik Campbell " 
The Stage "Funny comic material, stage presence, audience control." 
Festbitch "Liked the jokes" 



2004 show (Front of flyer poster)2004 show (Back of flyer)

EDINBURGH 2004: “D-D-D-Don't Mention The Disability...I did once and it took 15 minutes” at Co2, C venues, (4th - 30th August, 8.05-9.00pm) (see flyer above)
The Scotsman, (Jay Richardson) "Winning giggles... genuine pathos... instant guilty hilarity. ***" 
Online independent reviewer "Jaik kept the humour up and also managed to educate the audience on the plight of those afflicted with stammering."
Three Weeks "Solid, satisfying comedy. Entertaining, and occasionally deliciously vicious. ***" 
The List (Glasgow and Edinburgh Events Guide) "Endearing and enjoyable. ***" 
The Fest, (Alisa Mandirigin) "Gentle and unimposing humour. *** " 
Disability Now Magazine "Opened my eyes. Perfect comic timing" 
Evening Standard, (Bruce Dessau) "Effortless charm and sharp wit" 
The Stage "The audience were hanging on every word." 


 2003 show (Front of flyer and poster)2003 BIRDS show back of flyer










EDINBURGH 2003: “BIRDS” - Belly Laugh, Smirnoff Underbelly (31st July-24th Aug, 5.30-6.25pm) (see flyer above)
Three Weeks "A saving grace and a blessed relief."
The Stage "Hilarious. First-rate, talented, sweet and funny."
Paramount Comedy Website "A very different but able comedian." 
Standup.Com Magazine  "Well worth seeing. Affable and talented. ****" 
 Styxx (Independent Scottish Reviewer) "See Jaik Campbell. His stammering ways were absolutely hilarious. I'd 
probably have been happy enough to pay the ticket price to see him only. 
New stuff, a different avenue of comedy, so very entertaining.
How does one address the British Stammerers' Association?" 



LONDON 2003:  
Richmond Times and Putney Guardian, July 2003 "A fast rising act with a difference."
The West Briton (Cornwall, July 2003) "Talented. A brave man." 



EDINBURGH 2002:   “Amused Moose Comedy Hot Starlets”, Belly Laugh, Smirnoff Underbelly, 3.25-4.20pm
Jerry Sadowitz (August 2002) "A big comedy star of the future. Comedy Gold." 




LONDON 2001:  
Robbie Pointer, Comedian and Promoter of the Soho Laughter Lounge, London, December 2001 "A very funny and unique act".
Review from Steve Bennett, Chortle, January 2001 "Hilarious. If he were able to create a routine based on his own shortcomings, it would be a sure hit. Let's see..."



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